What People Are Saying



“Very informative and extremely well presented. A lot of techniques that can be applied to everyday actions.” – Matt Marlatt

“It was really helpful. Happy that I was able to be part of it.” – Alpha Lopez

“Very energetic. Authentic delivery.” 

– George Hofferbert

“Awesome! Will take this class again and again. The trainer was very positive.” Esther Marchan­

“The seminar was great and very interactive. I was always motivated and inspired!” 

– Emily Howell

“Very well put together and informative.” Sarah Dawson

“I loved the presentation. It was very informative and knowledgeable. It made me feel powerful.”– Rickia Coates

“Engaging, consistent, though-provoking.” 

– David Read

“ I’m happy I came to this seminar. It was very interactive. I learned some great tools. My notebook is full of gems!” - Sakina Savoy

“Very powerful and uplifting. Exactly what the doctor ordered!” - April Merrill

“Great presentation! The interaction involved within each segment was very creative and fun!” - Chrissetta Hughes

“Enjoyable! Very good energy and activities to drive the message. I’m looking forward to putting some of these ideas in motion. Thank you!” - Jill Higgins

“Very engaging and informative - not just for jobs.” - Katiya Williams

“Very encouraging. I truly needed some inspiration that I can spread to help others grow in our organization and reflect on my skills as a manager to become better. Thank you!” - Sherrie Genson

“Very informative with lots of interaction. Motivational! Inspires me to go back to my property, see my staff and start a new beginning!” - Christine Baldo  

 "Peter, you are a fantastic speaker! The content of your presentation was entertaining, motivating and challenging. The perfect recipe for all ages, especially as we start a new year. I felt that your uplifting message was particularly good for the WindsorMeade audience to hear. I have observed a tendency for some further along in the aging process to lose motivation that they had when they were younger. They become complacent. Your message provides a jolt of motivation!" - Patee Ramsey, Lifestyles Coordinator, WindsorMeade / Pinnacle Living

"Mr. Peter Colwell is an outstanding public speaker and gave a superb presentation to the Crystal City Pentagon Rotary Club on "GROW Your Career: Spell SUCCESS in Your Life.”  Mr. Colwell provided a succinct presentation, which included a short autobiography and then a discussion of the key traits that allowed him to build his success. The rapport he built with the club's members, along with his expertise and enthusiasm resulted in a thoroughly enjoyable presentation and learning experience. I highly recommend Mr. Colwell to any group that is looking for an interesting speaker, who will not only motivate the audience, but also keep them enthralled while providing an education on how to accomplish their goals in life." - Peter Anderson, Program Chair, Crystal City Pentagon Rotary Club

“Excellent, very sincere and helpful. Basic truths that can be applied in life.” – Larry Beard  

“Forceful, pleasant and to the point. Reminded us that life is a gift!” – Shirley Havens  

“Peter’s heartfelt and positive message was very helpful to our residents / community in assisting and improving overall daily life. We certainly would recommend Peter to other audiences. His presentation was fascinating and made an impact.”  - Matthew Parreco, Director, Churchill Senior Living  

“Really enjoyed it. Very impressed and would have enjoyed 20-30 minutes more!”  – John Pawulak  

“Positive and upbeat!” – Joe Cuda  

“Outstanding presentation! Perfect for our audience. Concepts were easy to understand, and employ if you choose to.” – Jim Murty, Director, Clune Construction  

“Very impressive. You are passionate about this and it shows in your presentation. Very well put together.” – Alec Boyle  

“Very well spoken. Took your dream and went with it.” – Adam Dyson  

“Very well prepared. Can tell you believe and practice everything you present.” – Claire Kase  

“Great. These are the words I need to hear every day.” – Mike Rodgers  

“Thank you for being an outstanding motivator and speaker at my “Fulfilling the Dream” conference. You were dynamic, energetic, and extremely passionate about reaching the audience. Your book on achieving your dreams and success proved to be a hit at the tradeshow with many people talking about you as a writer. I am eagerly awaiting your next masterpiece.” – Lisa Nance, President, Faith Against All Odds  

“Thank you for presenting an exciting, inspiring, and motivational program to the Damascus Lions for their 56th Charter Night. Your presentation of “Values and Vision, Keys to Your Success” captured the audience early on. You inspired us to create bright visions for the future and to know our values. Please accept my sincere appreciation for your time, energies and talent that you shared with our Lions Club. We shall build upon creating bright futures through our service to our community.” – Mary Frances Gosnell  

“I wanted to mention that I bought your book and it was FABULOUS! It has sparked some thinking and “action” in my life for sure. For the first time in my life, I was able to use your book in developing some real goals for myself. Not only that, but it has given me a new perspective in many areas of my life. I’ve been able to identify where I have been truly successful and areas that need some work. Thank you so very, very much. This book has strengthened my will power and commitment to the things I’ve dreamed of doing for so long. Spell SUCCESS in Your Life is priceless!” - Mary Pasternack, Washington DC Chapter, IAAP  

“I marvel at your excellence as a speaker. You captivate your audience with heartfelt stories that lead us where we want to go – motivating us to design our ideal life with passion, knowing full well we will succeed. A member of the audience was mentally challenged and two days after your presentation, his mother phoned me to thank me for having you as a speaker. She indicated that it had been several years that her efforts to get her son motivated to make a change in his life did not work. One session with you and he has a different attitude, one that is motivating and filled with encouragement as he stated to her, “I am going to design my ideal life, now I know how!  I look forward to having you as a return speaker to Imagine Excellence Leadership Center. Thank you for making a positive difference in our lives.” – Lucy Evelyn, Imagine Excellence  

“We would like to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave at our second annual NMSS Secretarial Seminar. The participants truly enjoyed your presentation and were inspired by your message. They related well to your personal experiences which resonated with authenticity and were complementary with your messages. The interactive exercises you designed worked very well and paved the way for further work that we had planned for the group. Many of your messages reflected the NMSS values, including respect, teamwork, excellence, and communication. You set a very positive tone that lasted the whole day.”  Thank you for contributing to a successful and memorable event!”  – Martin J. Virgilio, Director, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards,  Nuclear Regulatory Commission  

“Thank you for your presentation at our recent Black-Eyed Susan IAAP Chapter Meeting. All of the members that attended felt as though they learned something they could use immediately. The most common response was how you motivated them to remain positive and stay focused, as well as how you have personally succeeded in your career. Much continued success as an author and speaker.” - Heather Myers, Black-Eyed Susan Chapter, International Association of Administrative Professionals  

“Peter was everything I expected a speaker to be and more: personal, lively, and with a passion for his subject, which is SUCCESS. Peter knew how to pass along his enthusiasm to his audience, in simple but effective words and example from his life. Peter’s message, as it is based on a common sense recipe for success, was a very effective one, with most people ready to put his teaching into action. That was indeed the true success of Peter’s presentation.” -Denis Chazelle, President Chazelle Consulting Services  

“I really enjoyed your workshop. I have already started incorporating some of the leadership skills that I learned, in my personal and professional life. Your workshop has been a tremendous boost for me in helping to re-direct and re-focus my mind on attainable goals; not only for myself, but to assist our organization in obtaining its goals. Again, thank you very much for coming to the University of Maryland and sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. Your speech at our Professional Concepts Exchange Conference was very inspiring, and your workshop was empowering.” – Jacki Gutrick, University of Maryland  

“Thank you for coming to BEA to deliver your inspirational speech on “Spell SUCCESS in Your Life,” as part of our series on Individual Development Planning. We had a large turn-out, and I’ve been stopped in the hallways ever since to hear compliments from employees in all stages of life and career about having you here.  One of your gifts is your transparency, your willingness to use illustrations from your own life to illuminate both the obstacles to, and opportunities for, moving forward on goals, large and small. And I know that giving your audience worksheets on which to record a specific goal an action step helped many of your listeners to crystallize their thoughts and get moving.” - Linda Putz, Individual Development Planning Consultant, Bureau of Economic Analysis  

“I have read a lot of books published by people you reference, and this is by far the best book I have read. I am not kidding or blowing smoke. The message is clear and precise. Spell SUCCESS in Your Life is truly inspiring and extremely well written!” - Christopher J. Remington, Merrill Lynch  

“Spell SUCCESS in Your Life was inspirational! I’ve always been one who believed in the power of positive thinking, but Peter’s book underscored that one only needs the drive, ambition, and positive attitude to live his / her dreams. He has given me the push I needed to start my own journal, which will someday lead to my own book. Thank you, Peter!” - Wanda Argen – Warrenton, VA  

“I am writing on behalf of Spaulding & Slye Colliers’ Washington DC Property Management Group to thank you for speaking at our monthly group meeting on The ART of Getting Things Done. Your key points of Accountability, Results, and Teamwork in the workplace were well received by the group. All of us will benefit from these motivating principles.”  – Francis J. Coppola, Spaulding & Slye Colliers  

“I attended your seminar at the Women in Business Conference. I am enjoying your book. It is really great! I love the formulas: Reaction + Doubt = Status Quo! Hearing your story and reading your book has inspired me to keep pressing toward the goal. I know I am on my way to Spelling Success in My Life! Keep on inspiring others!” – Theresa E., Life Coach & Style Consultant  

“I am really inspired by the book Spell SUCCESS in Your Life. It is definitely a morale-boosting book!” – Manoj Kumar Sahoo, Orissa-India 

“Reading your book is tremendously helping me to re-focus on my professional goals. I am so impressed with the quality of the information provided and the uplifting spirit it projects. What a powerful work!”– Diane Kern, PhD., Therapist, Life Coach and Consultant, Creator of "Happy and Healthy U" Mental Wellness Workshops

"What impressed me most was Peter's emphasis on having 'FAITH' in everything you do." - Tenesia Johns

"Peter is one of the best speakers that I have heard!" - Tracy McDonald

"VERY GOOD SPEAKER! I loved the fact that he motivated us through personal experiences. I'm now going to go after my dreams!" - Katharine Wonch 

"The information presented was insightful and useful on both a personal and professional level." - Sandy Ratke

"Very easy to listen to. Makes one feel it is no big deal to succeed in spite of challenges. It was fun!" - Yoli Bonnell

"Peter's presentation was definitely inspirational! It was an opportunity to set specific and realistic goals, and to renew my vision." - Amelia Cook

"Very entertaining, but with an underlying message that makes you think." - Fran Cariaga

"Peter's presentation was very practical and energetic. I have two goals which I will move out of the blocks within a year!" - Ellie Johnson

"Great! Material was presented in a manner designed to make you look at and evaluate your life." - Melissa Pasternack

"Excellent, entertaining, instructional!" - Joan Davenport, CPA

"You are a true motivator. Thanks for the boost. I actually believe that I can obtain my goal." - Debra Fox-Newman

"Very informative about how to change your life and deal with the stress of everday life." - Darlene Jett 

"Very articulate and empowering presentation!" - Jean Williams

"The speaker commanded my attention and engaged me in thought the whole time." - Joi Morris

"Graceful - I appreciate how you use the word of God and embrace him in your life." - Miriam Koroma

"You are a great motivational speaker! Your examples are good tools to keep the audience connected." - Ruth Espinoza

"Interesting, creative, fun, awe-inspiring! You're amazing, Peter!" - Karol Watson

"A learning experience. Made me realize I am the only one holding me back." - Gaynor Sale

"Honest, sincere, full of warmth about his true life experiences. Peter Colwell knows how to communicate well!" - Marjorie Colwell (Speaker's Mom)

"Peter shows a deep personal commitment to life's goals and accomplishments." - Peter Colwell (Speaker's Dad)