Book Reviews for Spell SUCCESS in Your Life


Editorial Reviews

"An excellent resource, relevant and real, that you'll want to keep handy to stoke those motivational fires again and again." -- Melissa Charbonneau, White House Correspondent, CBN News  

"Become a success insider by reading and applying the insights contained herein." -- Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul® series 

"I love this book! Pure motivation from start to finish!" -- Les Brown, Author, Live Your Dreams  

"Spell SUCCESS speaks to the heart and soul. Read it and re-read truly enjoy the success journey!" -- Willie Jolley, Author, A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback  

"The only success that matters is balanced...This book gives you a blueprint to make your life a masterpiece!" -- Brian Tracy, Author, The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success      

From the Author    

How do you spell "success?" Is it a life of luxury and wealth? Earning a Ph.D. in your chosen field? Running a marathon or conquering your first mile? Many paths lead to success and fulfillment in life.   

The purpose of Spell SUCCESS In Your Life is to give you a practical, creative guide to successful living. When we are born, nobody hands us an Instructional Guide to Life 101. We don't receive uniform rules on how to live our lives effectively, on what path we should follow, or what beliefs we should adopt. Instead, we must find our own way through the winding trails and valleys of life.   Using the seven letters in the word S-U-C-C-E-S-S, I've developed a road map you can use to guide yourself throughout life in any endeavor:   








You can use this conceptualization to navigate any area of your life -- personal goals, career objectives, financial dreams, physical development, or spiritual awareness. Apply it to your own life and circumstances and you'll achieve the results you desire.

Reader Reviews

"Finally - a practical self-help book"  

By Lynn M. Griesemer

"How many more self-help, improvement and motivational books do we need to read before we find one where we finally take action and are able to make lasting changes? I think I've found it in SPELL SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE.  Many motivational speakers and authors present themselves as cheerleaders who make it sound easy to make significant life changes. What's refreshing about SPELL SUCCESS... is that Peter Colwell is a realist who gives specific techniques on how to increase your chances for success in life. He asks readers to consider difficult questions such as, "What are you willing to give up in pursuit of your goals? What won't you give up?"  

This book REMINDED me that I need to be 100% dedicated to my dream. It TAUGHT me that I should fix my vision to my values. I have been guilty of creating a vision and have either compromised my values or lowered my standards. Compromising values for vision affected my integrity and did not make for authentic, meaningful success. Colwell's book INSPIRED me to continue on my unusual and unique pursuit of excellence regardless of others' opinions.  

As author of UNASSISTED HOMEBIRTH: AN ACT OF LOVE, I often walk a lonely path in my ideas and advocacy, but I know that all of the tactics in SPELL SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE can be applied to a successful and satisfying childbirth experience. I know that those who break away from doctor-managed birth are absolutely creating their own vision - something no one can take away from them. The secret is in taking a risk, believing in yourself and being true to who you are - living from within, not from external directives.  Let the masses live a life of mediocrity and conformity. Those who research, contemplate and make the effort to achieve greatness somehow leave the rest behind. I enjoyed Colwell's personal stories and look forward to his next book!"

"Honest, practical, & specific....a MUST read!" By Christopher Johnson

"Like many people, I never thought that I would read a self-help or motivational book that could actually help me in any way. It so often happens that you see people who have read and then implemented into their lives the techniques outlined in "How to get rich quick" or "How to lose weight fast" books and subsequently don't become any richer or thinner, that you become skeptical of any book that claims it can change your life for the better. I believe that 99% of the self-help books out there fall into this category, and will do absolutely nothing for you. 

However, one book that would certainly fall into the 1% of books that CAN improve your life is Peter Colwell's, Spell SUCCESS in Your Life. After reading just the first few pages, you can literally FEEL how passionate Peter is about what he is saying, and that he is truly committed to helping anyone become successful in their lives. You also get that sense that Peter realized long ago something that most motivational writers still have not...that everyone's idea of what it means to be "successful" in life is different. He doesn't outline a get rich quick scheme, or give you instructions on how to start your own business, or to own the home of your dreams. Instead, he outlines specific and practical techniques that ANYONE can use in order to become successful at whatever it is they strive for. 

This book has certainly helped and inspired me, and I would recommend it to everyone, as I can't think of a single person who wouldn't reap at least some benefits in their life from reading it."

"Must Read For All!"  By Prashant Koirala 

"This is a great book and must read for all. Winners do not do different things, they just do things differently. And, Peter guides us on how we can achieve our goals and realize our dreams by taking few simple steps to get in the "winner circle". It is an easy read to provide anyone turbo charged motivation!"

"Full of energy and passion!"  

By Bennett Crawford

"I loved Peter's book! The book inspired me and motivated me to live my dreams now! As a matter of fact, Peter's material inspired me to write my own book! Thanks Peter for your contribution! You have made a difference in my life!"

"Great Advice Given in a Great Way" By Amanda A. 

"This is a great book to help you get the success you want in life. There are practical exercises that help you identify what you really want and then help you plan to get it."